2019 Sales Kick-Off Recap: An “Unbreakable” Virtual Instruments Poised for Success

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer, Virtual Instruments

2019 SKO UnbreakableLast month, the entire Virtual Instruments team descended on San Francisco’s historic Parc 55 hotel for one of our most important meetings of the year – our 2019 Sales Kick-Off (SKO). While the primary goal of our SKOs is ensuring the whole organization is aligned on our sales and product strategy for the coming year, our SKOs also serve as an invaluable forum for evaluating and optimizing – as well as celebrating – every area of our business.

We knew this year’s SKO was going to be special from the word go, as the entire event was wrapped in a Game of Thrones motif. After a lively networking event the night before, the team settled into Parc 55’s theater room to watch a highly entertaining, themed intro video featuring Philippe Vincent (CEO), Sheen Khoury (EVP of Worldwide Sales), and John Gentry (CTO) rallying the team behind our theme for 2019: “unbreakable.” To us, unbreakable means that by leaning on our amazing team’s collective strength (as well as our invaluable customers and partners), the sky’s the limit for the VI ecosystem in 2019.

From there, leaders across the executive team, sales, product management, marketing and engineering presented on our market strategy and growth plans in 2019. The fuel for that growth is our set of flagship hybrid infrastructure management solutions: VirtualWisdom, the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid infrastructure management and AIOps platform, and WorkloadWisdom, the industry’s leading workload performance validation platform. We have exciting enhancements planned for both platforms this year, as AIOps continues to become an integral part of enterprises’ hybrid infrastructure management strategies.

If you’re familiar with VI to any degree, you know that customers also played a key role in the 2019 SKO. In addition to VI leaders presenting immersive case studies on the work we’re doing with our customers across the globe, we were extremely honored to have a select group of customers join an interactive panel discussion. Property management software and services company RealPage, Houston Methodist hospital, and health and sciences center UTHealth shared their experiences in hybrid infrastructure management, including the challenges they faced as their environments continued to grow in complexity – and how VI helped overcome those challenges. As far as we’re concerned, there is no more valuable insight than direct customer feedback.

Somehow, we also squeezed in a trip to a bona-fide San Francisco speakeasy, as well as a very lively and highly competitive game of Jeopardy, Game of Thrones-style. And don’t worry – everyone survived…

Overall, this year’s SKO was a huge success – our best one yet – and has us poised for an exciting and fruitful year. Behind the strength of our leading customers, industry-leading technology, and integral reseller partners, the Virtual Instruments team is ready to prove that our unbreakable mantra is the recipe for a highly successful 2019.

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