Analyst commentary: Clabby Analytics’s take on the Virtual Instruments acquisition of Xangati

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

We’ve had an overwhelming response to our recent acquisition of Xangati, a provider of hybrid cloud and virtualization management solutions. Customers are excited to see our integrated solutions help them manage their complex and ever-changing infrastructure, and how that affects their application performance. Partners are excited about the capabilities of expanding their market opportunities to cover technologies like containers, public clouds and VDI.

Industry analyst Joe Clabby of Clabby Analytics spoke with us to learn more about the acquisition and our goals to help enterprises achieve a more holistic view of both their applications and the infrastructure that supports them. You simply cannot have an effective APM strategy without it being tightly coupled to infrastructure performance, so we talked at length about our goal to bring these areas together and stop the traditional silo approach to them.

In reality, most of today’s enterprises don’t have a good grasp on whether or not their infrastructure is performance-ready or optimized to support a range of customer-facing and end-user applications. In some organizations, application developers and infrastructure operators never meet or lay eyes on each other. And companies are hungry for a better way. They need to bridge the gap between applications of all types and the infrastructure that supports them.

In addition, we talked about our expanded market opportunity and new capabilities we’ll be able to offer in 2017 and beyond. To quote Joe Clabby, “With the Xangati acquisition, VI is expanding its reach – moving beyond its initial application/storage infrastructure performance management focus into the complex world of application behavior within hybrid clouds. And Xangati is a perfect match for VI in that the company’s solutions were built on using machine-driven analysis of networks (particularly real-time security analysis) to speed the analysis of activities and application behavior.” 

A competitive advantage that we discussed with Joe is that we have addressed wire data from the very beginning, knowing that this is one of the biggest benefits we provide to our enterprise customers. Virtual Instruments can process more data in an hour than Twitter has in an entire month, and that’s because of our use of VirtualWisdom real-time ingest capability, which enables sub-second data collection and analysis.

Modern IT is all about speed and efficiency. Our goal is to help our customers achieve this on a daily basis. Our acquisition of Xangati is an example of how we’re meeting this goal day in and day out. Joe expands upon this, and so much more, in his report. The Clabby Analytics commentary of our acquisition can be found here, on the firm’s blog. Want to understand how we help applications and infrastructure perform better together? Contact us or tweet at us, and let’s talk.