How We’re an ‘Up and Comer’: Recap from EMC World 2012

EMC World was last week and it was a blast for the company! I spent most of my time in the booth as I was continuously doing demos of VirtualWisdom for a crowd of current and prospective customers. I received a lot of interest and questions on how VirtualWisdom can collect info from VMware vCenter and SAN fabric. People were impressed with how we can jump between data from vCenter, the fiber switches and the storage ports with just one click.

Luckily, I was able to squeeze in a few of the sessions. One of those was a nice update from Paul Maritz, CEO VMware, on VMware’s product strategy as they are working on delivering three things: datacenter infrastructure, cloud application platform and an “OS” for the cloud. In the session, Paul said that they do not expect a customer to commit to all three, but that customers will have a choice to use one or more of these efforts. I found this interesting considering that this is very different from the usual industry “lock-in” strategy.

One session did surprise me — the session on Fiber Channel and Fiber Channel Over Ethernet, topologies, protocols and limitations. This was a well-attended, solid technical session that went into all the pieces that make FC and FCOE work. Given the interest, it seems as though FC SANs will be with us for a long time, and I’d have to disagree with the people that say FC and FCOE is over.

The most impressive thing I saw, or in reality did not see, was the hands-on-lab infrastructure. EMC had set up all the hands-on labs to run in a virtualized environment, which used 93 physical servers and six of the big VNX arrays. The aspect that I found most unique was that it was running in a lab in North Carolina. They had a 100Mb pipe, and I was told it peaked at 60-80Mb when all seats were full. Jeffrey Thomas from EMC was fantastic for taking the time to give me a tour and a briefing of the lab infrastructure, it was a fun experience.

As my colleague Len Rosenthal reported earlier this week, EMC World 2012 was a great event. Numerous times, I was approached by attendees saying they were referred to us by another vendor or one of their peers, another sign more attendees are becoming familiar with Virtual Instruments and our products than in previous years. More and more people are discovering Virtual Instruments and how we can manage the complete infrastructure stack from the VMs down to the LUNs. Thanks to everyone I met at the show and I can’t wait to see you all again next year!