Introducing WorkloadWisdom 6.2, Featuring NVMe Workload Modeling and Integration with SANBlaze Emulation Systems

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

WorkloadWisdom 6.2 Features NVMe Workload Modeling and Integration with SANBlaze Emulation SystemsIn February we introduced WorkloadWisdom, the significantly enhanced and rebranded version of Load DynamiX Enterprise, our award-winning storage performance validation solution used by both IT organizations and storage vendors. The February announcement was an exciting one, as the new WorkloadWisdom featured a brand-new user interface to simplify the workload performance testing process – as well as tight integration with VirtualWisdom, our hybrid infrastructure management and AIOps platform. As a result, WorkloadWisdom remains the industry’s only modeling and performance validation platform for production storage workloads.

Fast forward to last week, and we launched the latest version of WorkloadWisdom, which leverages Virtual Instruments’ partnership with SANBlaze Technology, a top provider of SAN storage emulation systems. Through the SANBlaze partnership, the new WorkloadWisdom 6.2 delivers non-volatile memory express (NVMe) workload modeling and testing over Fibre Channel (FC), enabling data-driven analysis of and intelligent workload placement in next-generation flash technologies. With its tight integration with VirtualWisdom, WorkloadWisdom provides a superior methodology for validating storage performance based on customers’ own production workloads.

NVMe is considered the most disruptive innovation in the storage industry since flash storage, and it’s being deployed widely across industries. This means that vendors need to ensure that their NVMe-based products will provide the performance and scalability to meet the needs of next-generation production workloads – such as those based on AI and big data.

In her in-depth article on the new WorkloadWisdom, TechTarget’s Carol Sliwa commented, “The Virtual Instruments WorkloadWisdom 6.2 virtual appliance will initially target storage vendors that need to test products designed to support high-performance, low-latency NVMe-oF technology. But Tim Van Ash, senior vice president of products at Virtual Instruments, said the vendor is seeing interest from enterprise customers in the healthcare, financial services and service provider markets.”

And here’s what George Crump, head of analyst firm Storage Switzerland, had to say about the latest version of WorkloadWisdom: “WorkloadWisdom continues to be the gold standard for storage system performance validation and testing. This new release will be very important to storage vendors bringing out their next generation NVMe-based storage systems, and ultimately equally as important to large enterprises and service providers as they start to deploy FC-NVMe into their production environments.”

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