News roundup: innovations, customer announcements and partnerships

Raj Patel, Senior Director of Corporate and Field Marketing –

MetLife chooses VirtualWisdom for guaranteed performance

We brought another great customer into the fold this month; MetLife chose VirtualWisdom4 IPM platform to guarantee availability for its customers. As one of the largest life insurance companies in the world, MetLife can’t tolerate performance issues, making VirtualWisdom an obvious choice for its monitoring needs.

Announcing the industry’s first 16G-capable Fibre Channel performance probe

This month, we announced the release of the industry’s first 16G-capable Fibre Channel (FC) performance probe, which provides IT teams with the critical, precise information they need for analyzing true infrastructure response time. When combined with the VirtualWisdom4 infrastructure performance management (IPM) platform, the probe delivers performance-based SLA management, detailed application I/O profiling and proactive problem identification for end-to-end infrastructure performance and availability. Look for this new probe in February.

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Earthbend using VirtualWisdom to gain true business insights

Wade Hoffman, chief technology officer and vice president of business development at EarthBend, discussed empowering businesses through IPM with Channel Partners Online. According to Wade, the issues that occur in storage environments can be mitigated through true business insights.

John Gentry talks performance management in his 2015 predictions

John Gentry, our vice president of marketing and alliances, spoke with Virtual-Strategy Magazine about how the company first developed its infrastructure performance management solution. In addition, he discussed what is driving the need for a performance monitoring platform, the key differentiators for VirtualWisdom4 and the company’s plans for 2015.

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