Virtual Instruments CEO John Thompson discusses company goals with Bloomberg

By Todd Osborne, Regional Vice President of Sales –

Recently, our CEO John Thompson sat down with Bloomberg to talk about our company, our goals in upcoming years and why organizations need infrastructure performance management (IPM) solutions. We wanted to share his thoughts with our customers and partners, as it succinctly illustrates our mission and strategy to bring IPM to the marketplace. The need for IPM is particularly high within organizations that rely on application availability for the delivery of their products and services. The ongoing race to the cloud has left some businesses behind, and both John and our dedicated team that supports him can help large enterprises in industries such as telecom, e-commerce and insurance, among others, deliver decreased latency and increased performance while identifying areas of inefficiency that can be improved to foster greater cost optimization.

Specifically, Thompson noted the following points:

  • We help companies optimize performance between applications and the infrastructures on which they run. Our technology helps large companies transition from legacy systems to modern technology and manage new systems, like the cloud, effectively.
  • IPM enables enterprises to find inefficiencies and adjust their IT system to decrease spending while significantly boosting performance.
  • Industries that deliver products and services with a heavy focus on application availability are seeing major benefits. Limiting latency and downtime is crucial for these companies, and IPM makes it easier to accomplish those goals.
  • With about 30 clients in Asia-Pacific and counting, we are seeing tremendous growth in that market. We’re also launching new services in Asia that will expand globally.
  • Our important partnerships include Hewlett-Packard and EMC, as well as local value-added resellers.

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It’s great to share the perspective of our CEO as we continue to help enterprises around the globe integrate performance monitoring to build healthy infrastructures.

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