Virtual Instruments Emergency Service – SOS

By Jim Bahn, Senior Director, Product Marketing

Who do you call when your vendors can’t fix it?

Just about everyone has a story or stories like this one: an application user reports application performance issues, and everyone looks for the root cause. None of the infrastructure monitoring tools can even FIND the slowdown that your application performance monitoring tools show, let alone the cause. You convene a war-room, invite the vendors with their BETTER tools, and if you’re lucky, someone points to the ‘slow’ event and says “aha, the I/O is slow, so it’s storage”. The storage guys fire up their monitoring tools, which again show nothing, and proclaim that you need to wait for the event to reoccur. Then SOMETHING occurs and the storage vendors show reports that absolve them of any blame. So you start swapping ports, reassign LUNs, move VMs, and hope what you did works.  And when it doesn’t … you’re back to finger pointing, and this can go on for months.

OR, when it doesn’t, some really smart guy (sometimes it’s a vendor) remembers the sales rep from Virtual Instruments who claimed that VI can find problem causes when no one else can. So VI is called, and within a couple of days, we’re on-site, and within a few days, our Emergency Services team has found the (usually multiple) causes of these slowdowns. In the many years, we’ve been doing this, we have never failed to find the root cause. Never. No one else has ever had to be called after we were onsite. And it’s not a mystery why. Our platform, VirtualWisdom, can see things no other monitoring platform can see. We can prove it.

Though we have literally dozens of stories like this, people are often reluctant to admit they had serious problems. Still, some will to help others. Check out this case study of how a large healthcare enterprise used us to quickly find and solve a tough problem.

Better yet, talk to one of our sales teams about our IPA service, designed to avoid these catastrophes before they happen. But if you ARE in flames, call us immediately.