VirtualWisdom expands coverage to include Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax

By Ravi Prakash, Director Product Marketing

The VirtualWisdom team is proud to announce the general availability of the new VMAX and PowerMax WisdomPack.  Having the VMAX integration completes VirtualWisdom’s end-to-end visibility of application workload behavior at the highest fidelity available in the industry.

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Why do we think this is a game changer?

Today’s hybrid infrastructure is in a state of continuous change.  The introduction of DevOps and CI/CD process are driving application change faster than ever.  As a result, application workloads are continuously changing, and this creates tremendous stress on traditional approaches to IT infrastructure.

Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash and PowerMAX are designed to continuously adapt to ever-changing mission critical application workloads.  VirtualWisdom has been helping Fortune 500 customers adapt to continuous change for the last 10 years.   It maps applications to the underlying infrastructure, monitors workloads end-to-end and deploys artificial intelligence in the form of WisdomAI to assure that infrastructure can respond to the needs of applications like SAP, Epic EHR, Oracle eBusiness in real-time.

VirtualWisdom VMAX

VirtualWisdom provides complete visibility from the application to the storage array and at its core Wisdom AI enables you to:

Wisdom Pack for VMAX and PowerMAX – includes infrastructure discovery and application mapping, agentless software-only monitoring, API access to Dell EMC Unisphere Storage Manager[1], health, capacity and performance metrics.  It complements the VirtualWisdom end-to-end monitoring of servers, network and SAN to provide complete visibility.

This application-perspective combined with the ability to collect metrics end-to-end and correlate over 17,000 metrics across infrastructure silos is why VirtualWisdom is called in as the monitoring platform of last resort to resolve complicated issues, which can put an end to the IT war room!  This means no more finger-pointing between infrastructure vendors.  To quote Harry S Truman “The Buck Stops Here”!

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[1] Requires Dell EMC Unisphere Storage Manager version or later