Welcome to the Era of App-Centric IPM: Virtual Instruments Launches New Generation of VirtualWisdom

By Len Rosenthal, CMO 

finance app dashboard virtual wisdom 5.4Today is a monumental one here at Virtual Instruments, as we announced the breakthrough new version of VirtualWisdom, the industry’s most comprehensive infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform. In this post, we’ll dive into the reasons why the latest generation of VirtualWisdom is such a landmark release for our company, and why we believe it signals the beginning of the era of app-centric infrastructure performance management (IPM).

The modern enterprise data center has the potential to greatly improve business agility and provide a scalable foundation for an enterprise’s business-critical applications. But in practice, the scale and complexity of these highly virtualized, multi-vendor environments is far beyond human comprehension. To try to overcome this challenge, enterprises deploy various point monitoring tools – but most of them are patchwork, siloed solutions that can only provide limited visibility into the various components of the underlying infrastructure.

Since these legacy monitoring tools have no idea how applications relate to infrastructure, they’re also unable to understand the relative business value of those applications. The result is far less than ideal: application owners and line-of-business (LOB) managers can’t have a meaningful discussion with their infrastructure teams on how to proactively assure application performance, control costs and reduce risk within their constantly changing data centers.

To realize the promise of the modern data center, enterprises need a solution that can monitor infrastructure from an application-centric point of view – and that’s exactly what we enable with the new generation of VirtualWisdom. By visualizing the infrastructure in the context of the application and analyzing how application performance issues stress the infrastructure, VirtualWisdom helps enterprises accelerate digital transformation, improve business agility and proactively manage the cost and performance of their enterprise data centers.

The new VirtualWisdom discovers and maps applications to the infrastructure, associates their business critically and constantly analyzes how application behavior is affecting the infrastructure. It then applies self-learning-based analytics to help IT managers avoid or resolve problems. This enables enterprises to guarantee performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) for key stakeholders within the organization, including application owners, LOB owners and IT operations teams. The latest release of VirtualWisdom helps enterprises meet these vital SLA metrics through three key capabilities: Application Service Assurance; Workload and Capacity Optimization; and Problem Resolution and Avoidance. We encourage you to take a look at the press release to learn more about these capabilities and their benefits.

Moving forward you’ll hear a lot more from us about the breakthrough new version of VirtualWisdom, but we think our CEO, Philippe Vincent, put it best: “With the new release, we’re able to remove the anxiety our customers felt by ‘flying blind’ with their business-critical applications.” Now IT operations and architecture teams can work in harmony with application owners and business unit executives to optimize the performance and cost of the supporting infrastructure. By taking this app-centric approach to IPM, enterprises can increase business agility and the overall value of the infrastructure to the business – and that’s what we mean when we say that the era of app-centric IPM has begun.

To learn more about VirtualWisdom and our app-centric IPM solutions, drop us a line or connect with us on Twitter – we’re @Virtual_Inst.