Who benefits from an IPA?


graphics of different beer colors in different beer glasses

By Louise Dilley, Regional Service Director, EMEA

In the early 1800s, Britain exported beer to India. In order to stay in good condition, the beer was stronger in alcohol and hops so that neither the strength nor taste would be diminished by the long sea crossing. Indian Pale Ale (IPA) was born out of shipping necessity but much of it was never exported as it was so greatly appreciated at home.

An Infrastructure Performance Assessment (IPA) from Virtual Instruments is also about forward planning. The service measures the health, utilization, and performance.

After a one to two-week period of non-disruptive, agentless data collection the metrics are analysed and fact based recommendations made. The cost of this service is returned many-fold by identifying ways to optimize your existing assets and right-size future deployments.

The IPA service includes best practice recommendations, performance and availability baseline, advanced analysis and problem investigation. In many cases, this service is delivered in direct support of large scale migration and consolidation projects. This service can be delivered as a stand-alone solution that is inclusive of a dedicated, targeted deployment of the VirtualWisdom platform, or as auxiliary services in a currently installed account. It is applicable to both physical and highly virtualized or private cloud infrastructures.

So who benefits from an IPA? The applications that run your business must be available and reliable. A VirtualWisdom IPA can help you work towards setting and meeting performance based SLAs that your business and senior management can trust. The Infrastructure team gains visibility of system wide bottlenecks, the Storage team can see where performance capacity is over or under provisioned, the Network team can see any failing ports and the Server team see how physical and virtual machines are performing.  A VirtualWisdom IPA will bring all these metrics together into one recommendations-based report, giving you and your business end-to-end insight into the infrastructure supporting your mission critical applications.

The table below is a small example of the kinds of findings and recommendations offered by an IPA

table of findings and recommendations offered by an IPA

You don’t need to have a ‘glass half empty or glass half full’ conversation with your infrastructure staff; an IPA from Virtual Instruments ensures the ‘right sized glass’ for your environment, saving you resources, assets, and budget.