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The WorkloadWisdom OpenStack Swift Storage performance validation solution is designed to assess the maximum capacity and speed of Swift object storage infrastructures, servers and arrays.

WorkloadWisdom emulates up to millions of Swift clients generating highly stressful and realistic requests to the servers. We measure the performance, scalability, and response times of the servers in handling these requests, and verify the integrity of the stored contents.


Full-featured testing of the OpenStack Swift protocol

Figure: Simplified diagram of the OpenStack Framework.

Figure: Simplified diagram of the OpenStack Framework.

Client Emulation
  • Create multiple scenarios from a single interface
  • Stateful and RESTful API and object validation
  • Emulation of millions of unique clients

  • Looping constructs, parameter files, etc.
  • Independent load profiles to access scalability
  • Data compressibility and deduplicability algorithm

Detailed Statistics
  • KPI stats: Throughput, IOPS, Latency
  • Per Swift operation statistics
  • HTTP and TCP layer statistics
  • Data verification operations

Command Types
  • Open / close connection
  • Authentication
  • Retrieve / create / update / delete account metadata
  • Create / list / delete container
  • Retrieve / create / update / delete container metadata
  • Create / update / copy / delete object

Strong Authentication Report
  • Authentication mechanisms including:
    • Basic and Digest Authentication
    • NTLM Negotiate and Kerberos Authentication
    • Preemptive and passive options
  • HTTP Redirection

Core Emulation
  • Client and server emulation for end-to-end testing
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.0 and HTTP /1.1
  • Powerful Parsing / Insertion capability to extract content from response header and response body and insert it into subsequent operations over HTTP
  • Customize multi-part content for JSON body generation and parsing

Support for user upload Certificates

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OpenStack Swift Testing

“The WorkloadWisdom solution lowers storage costs, mitigates business risk, and increases storage staff productivity. These benefits justify the investment in the solution.”

– Jim Miller, Analyst at the EMA Group

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