Financial Services Solutions

Where milliseconds can mean millions of dollars

Virtual Instruments guarantees lightning-fast systems

Banking, financial services, and global exchanges need optimally performing, highly efficient IT systems to maintain a competitive edge and deliver the most profitable outcome for your customers. Critical applications must be nanosecond fast and consistently reliable, despite traffic, seasonality, and circumstances.

Your financial IT organization must balance and maintain evolving technology to grow business agility and stay in compliance with constantly changing regulations. Dependable and accurate transactions require precise, ongoing real-time App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) to monitor your increasingly complex physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Customers will quickly flock to better performing platforms based on the experience that is provided to them, whether it’s on the web, over the phone, or in a brick-and-mortar location. Ensuring that the performance and availability of your infrastructure is the best available will lead to a competitive advantage.

Speed is a competitive advantage

We’ve seen trading firms move data centers “across the bridge” to reduce latency by milliseconds or even microseconds due to IP traffic to New York City. If companies are investing the money to move data centers and servers closer to the exchanges, their entire end-to-end infrastructure should be monitored and optimized using the best platform and analytics available.

VirtualWisdom watches every frame as it traverses the fabric of your SAN—from the application running on a VM, all the way down to LUN and back, giving you the information you need at the speed of light.

Supporting financial services with intelligent analytics

VirtualWisdom and WorkloadWisdom help address regulatory compliance needs, improves application performance, ensures infrastructure availability, accelerates innovation, and drives down CAPEX/OPEX for financial services firms.

Virtual Instruments helps Financial Services achieve:

  • Enhanced business effectiveness by reducing downtime, improving application performance, and reducing the cost of IT services
  • Improved infrastructure operational efficiency, reduce operational costs and decrease time to remediation
  • A more cost-effective IT infrastructure that better aligns IT capacity and performance with the needs of the business
  • End-to-end, real-time performance views of the entire infrastructure

The Virtual Instruments helps financial IT organizations pinpoint the sources of emergent performance issues before they become problems, and enables fast, accurate mean time to resolution (MTTR). Many large banks, brokerages, exchanges, and insurance companies have successfully deployed Virtual Instruments to optimize their physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

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