Outsourcing and Hosting Solutions

Why Virtual Instruments for Outsourcing and Hosting Providers?

Application performance SLAs can differentiate new cloud-based services in a rapidly growing, competitive marketplace.

The public cloud services market is growing exponentially. Outsourcing and hosting providers must provide a better cost, availability and performance than internal IT departments. New services must offer SLAs for application performance and availability.

Shared infrastructure means you cannot take a service off-line for one customer if it impacts another. The huge capital and operational savings of virtualization don’t come risk-free.

VirtualWisdom: Supporting world-class SLAs

VirtualWisdom allows you to commit to world-class uptime and millisecond guarantees on infrastructure performance. SLAs can include application and infrastructure performance, not just availability, as part of a premium hosting package.

Virtual Instruments helps outsourcing and hosting providers achieve:

  • Reduced cost, increased efficiency, guaranteed service levels
  • Optimization of existing storage, SAN infrastructure and physical and virtual servers
  • End-to-end, real-time performance views of the entire infrastructure
  • Individual customer dashboards and reporting on performance and capacity
  • The ability to proactively address infrastructure issues before they affect a customer’s business
  • Monitoring of multi-vendor, multi-customer, multi-application environments from a single screen

Virtual Instruments extracts key metrics from each layer of the IT infrastructure, including storage, SAN, hypervisor and application. It helps you identify inefficiencies, such as over-provisioning and underutilization of resources, and to prevent outages and performance slow-downs. This enables better virtualization ratios on both existing and new servers.