5 Production Load DynamiX Enterprise Use Cases

By Raj Patel, Sr. Director, Corporate and Field Marketing

When a company invests in a technology or vendor, the results it delivers can be all over the “impactful solutions” spectrum. At the basic level, investments should solve problems and/or create efficiencies where none previously existed, without requiring significant efforts or introducing risks to the business. At the higher level, great solutions should account for these things and also help you innovate, mitigate risks and reduce the overall burden on IT.

You won’t be surprised to know that we think our Load DynamiX Enterprise solution is at the high end of this spectrum. But don’t just take our word for it – instead look to the stories from our customers. GE Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) chose Load DynamiX Enterprise to solve performance issues related to one of its mission-critical applications. It used Load DynamiX Enterprise in a test lab environment to recreate the scenarios that caused the problem in order to determine the fix. In the end, the company found that it could do a lot more than solve performance problems.

GE GIS worked with us to highlight its use case and demonstrate how we collaborated to expand and accelerate technology innovation and adoption within its organization. Here are some highlights from our work together. GE GIS used Load DynamiX Enterprise to do the following:

  1. Validate the performance of new SAN storage vendors
  2. Find metadata I/O problems on NAS systems
  3. Identify array IOPs and throughput limits
  4. Evaluate the behavior and performance impact of tiering policies
  5. Validate that SAN monitoring tool performance statistics were consistent with Load DynamiX Enterprise

As illustrated by these five examples, GE GIS used its Load DynamiX Enterprise installation to evaluate and implement new storage products and technologies while avoiding the common risks associated with adopting them, like unexpected performance issues. They also use Load DynamiX Enterprise to align application workload performance requirements to deployment decisions.

The GE GIS case study goes into much greater detail on the implementation and the specifics of each use case. There is also a webinar recording describing how the company used Load DynamiX Enterprise and why it chose the platform.

Download the case study here.