Agentless “Software only” SAN monitoring, Part 4

Part 4 in a 4-part series

By Ravi Prakash, Director Product Marketing

Value of cross domain correlation of issues using custom built analytics

trend matcher screb

When an infrastructure alarm goes off, your operations team would like to get to root cause and identify the culprit responsible as soon as possible.  What if the culprit is a device several hops away in your infrastructure topology?

Back-tracking through your topology becomes a challenge when you realize that you don’t have a few large transactions but thousands of micro transactions every second which are converging and diverging at different nodes.  This makes back-tracking forensics impossible without suitable automation.  Our Trend Matcher analytic can do this cross-domain correlation for you.

Runbook automation to get to root-cause

The last thing an overworked operations team needs is to be told that there is a problem.  Wouldn’t it be better if we helped you get to remediation right to the point where all you must do is follow our recommendation and issue an internal change control ticket?

runbook automation


That is the reason we developed Investigations based on over 10 years of field service experience, so now our alarms are tied to cases which are tied to investigations which recommend the right analytic to be run which produces the appropriate charts.  All you need to do is issue an internal change control ticket to take the recommended action.  In conclusion, if reluctance regarding deploying TAPs and probes was what made you hesitate, take another look at the world of possibilities using our agentless software-only solution.

I hope this 4-part series of articles convinced you of the considerable value you can achieve for application-centric infrastructure performance monitoring using VirtualWisdom and a software only solution.

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