Attention, IPM reseller partners: are you taking advantage of VIU?

By Bo Barker, Vice President of Services –

We’ve always been dedicated to our partners – a dedication most recently recognized by the 2015 Channel Chief designation given to John Gentry, our vice president of marketing and alliances. As a valued Virtual Instruments channel partner, you play an integral role in bringing infrastructure performance management (IPM) benefits to businesses.

It’s important that we empower you in this relationship, which is why we’ve created Virtual Instruments University (VIU) to provide you with the highest level of support and training. When you win, we win, and, to that end, VIU provides you with everything you need to dive deeper into either the sales or technical aspects of Virtual Instruments. Our training includes:

  • In-person and online sessions: In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s difficult to get away for an in-person classroom training session, so you can choose either live or self-guided online trainings as an in-person alternative.
  • Courses: Our courses include product essentials, sales essentials, technical essentials and platform administration.
  • Tangible outputs: Once you complete the training program, you’re eligible to receive either accreditation or certification. With certification, you complete a test of your knowledge and abilities.
  • Materials: The training materials are included in the cost of your program, and they serve as a reference guide long after the program is completed.

A successful partnership is compelling for all parties involved, from vendor to end user. For our relationships, when structured and managed correctly, we can extend our reach and infrastructure optimization solutions beyond what we could manage alone. By leveraging our mutual expertise, knowledge and reputations, we can jointly provide customers with a solution that addresses their needs, while giving them ongoing support and service in the face of challenges.

Training is an integral component of these successful long-term partnerships. We encourage our partners to take advantage of this program, so we can continue to bring the highest level of service to our customers.

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