Could AIOps Prevent Airline IT Failures?

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

A recent article from Nextgov detailed the fact that airline IT outages are happening more than the airlines would like to admit. While that’s not breaking news by any means, the article included the eye-opening revelation that the disruptions caused by these IT outages are “on par or worse” than those associated with severe weather events.

Prevent Airline IT FailuresA recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) identified 34 IT outages between 2015 and 2017 – 29 of which directly disrupted or cancelled flights. While airlines are not legally mandated to disclose IT outages, organizations like the GAO have taken it upon themselves to review incident reports and identify when IT outages occur. These outages can be catastrophic for highly complex transportation logistics systems, putting the lives of customers – and not just the airlines’ bottom lines – at risk. As our dependency on these systems grows, so does the severity of the social, business, and financial impacts when the underlying infrastructure fails.

According to interviews conducted by the GAO, most outages are caused by a range of IT infrastructure issues like hardware, power and telecommunications failures, or software outages and slowdowns. These are key symptoms of out-of-control infrastructure that lacks the monitoring required to proactively prevent such problems. A lack of holistic, real-time visibility and application awareness across the infrastructure is the root cause of these symptoms, and as we’ve seen, these symptoms have have significantly impacted both the airlines and their customers.

With failures in the underlying IT infrastructure often at fault for these outages, the question on IT operations managers’ minds needs to be “how can we prevent this from happeneing again?” The reality is that the legacy infrastructure monitoring and management tools currently used by these airlines are deployed in a siloed fashion. These tools are tied to specific parts of the infrastructure, which leaves them blind to what’s going on across the entire IT environment, and blind to the applications themselves. That’s where AIOps for hybrid infrastructure management comes in.

VirtualWisdom is the gold standard for infrastructure troubleshooting and the prevention of business-impacting outages and slowdowns. The AIOps-powered platform is designed to proactively analyze data, identify potential issues and provide actionable recommendations on how to resolve issues before problems occur. While we may not know which solutions these airlines have in place currently to manage their IT infrastructure, it’s clear that they could use a significant upgrade.

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