EMA Impact Brief: NAS performance profiling is critical

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

Last week we announced that Virtual Instruments has acquired Xangati, a hybrid cloud and virtualization performance management company. In the coming months, we will dive deeper into how our Xangati acquisition will let us further expand our capabilities to help companies manage their ever-changing and increasingly complex hybrid data centers. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution for proactive virtualization, server, network, storage and cloud performance management.

One of the most complex and critical parts of this end-to-end management is staying ahead of performance and availability issues for your storage infrastructure.  A recent impact brief by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) titled “Real-time Performance Monitoring and Analytics Come to NAS-based Storage,” demonstrates how our work and integration with Load DynamiX, which we merged with in March, helps companies optimize NAS storage performance.

There are two major types of networked storage that companies tend to deploy: storage area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS). Virtual Instruments’ performance probes for Fibre Channel (FC) SAN-based environments support most Global 1000 companies, as FC SANs have been the dominant choice for performance and availability-focused data centers. Now, however, according to EMA, fully 50 percent of all network-based storage additions are NAS. Even more telling is that by 2019, EMA expects the NAS market to be double that of SAN, despite being half the size of the SAN market today.

It was with this in mind that Virtual Instruments introduced the VirtualWisdom NAS performance probe, the first real-time NAS performance monitoring solution in the industry. According to EMA, this will be a key benefit for customers as more and more companies consider NAS options.

“Performance-heavy NAS users, such as those in financial services and service providers, are sparingly but increasingly using NAS in business-critical applications,” the report states. “Having a complete solution that enables them to monitor performance and availability in true real-time will enable NAS to spread much further into business-critical environments. In addition, having a single pane of glass helps reduce the proliferation of single-purpose monitoring devices.”

The report goes into many details about why this solution is so important for the industry and potentially game-changing for our customers, including:

  • A full picture of the solution and its benefits;
  • Why the NAS market is growing so quickly; and
  • The advantages of the solution’s features, including an intuitive single pane of glass GUI.

You can download the report here. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the curve on the latest generation of storage performance monitoring options.