IPM is a great cure for what ails healthcare IT – HIMSS 2015 Recap

By Raj Patel, Senior Director, Corporate and Field Marketing –

Last week, we attended the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) exposition in Chicago. HIMSS brings together an entire industry of people, many of whom are focused on solving complex problems both now and in the future. A common theme in many of the presentations and panel discussions was reliability. Everyone in healthcare today needs immediate access to patient information, research and results—making reliability and performance in modern healthcare IT a requirement.

Our head of product marketing, Vikram Ramesh, had the privilege of presenting at the show with Kevin Anderson, director of IT at CGH Medical Center (one of our customers) in Sterling, Ill., on how he and his team are solving one of their most complex challenges—continually optimizing their IT infrastructure to enable efficient clinical workflow.


Healthcare IT has changed greatly in recent years. Today a typical visit to the doctor’s office entails the entire staff (including nurses and doctors) interfacing with applications that are critical to clinical workflow – EHR, and also ERP, CRM, financial applications, email and more. Performance degradations or outages for any one of these interrelated systems negatively impacts quality of care and quality of service—costing time, money and in some cases, lives.

The reliability of IT infrastructures and applications has become as critical as medical care itself.

Our joint presentation at HIMSS dealt primarily with this concept. Infrastructure performance management (IPM) enables hospitals, clinics, payers and service providers throughout the healthcare ecosystem to guarantee the performance and availability of their critical IT systems, so their teams stay focused on improving quality of life and saving lives. IPM enables healthcare IT teams to proactively manage their systems and accurately identify potential issues before they develop into problems that degrade performance or cause outages.

Our discussions with exhibitors, presenters and colleagues throughout HIMSS make it clear that IPM will soon become a foundational requirement for any modern healthcare environment.

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