Load DynamiX 5.6: Support for Higher Speed Fabrics and Improved Usability

By Tim Van Ash, SVP of Products

Recently, we announced the new 5.6 version of our Load DynamiX Test Development Environment (TDE) and a new family of Workload Generation Appliances. These enhancements allow our customers to make the most of their network and storage investments by providing a broad and precise understanding of storage system behavior.

“The new 5.6 release significantly ratchets up performance and scalability with support for multiple 32Gb Fibre Channel interfaces and 40Gb Ethernet interfaces within a single appliance.” –  ChannelBuzz

So, what’s new?

Version 5.6 and the new Workload Generation Appliances offer new 32Gb Fibre Channel Series Appliances and new 40Gb Ethernet Series Appliances. This includes a new multicore capability that greatly enhances the load generating capability of our workload generators, as well as a broad set of advanced features for the existing SAN, NAS, and Object performance validation. The full list of features includes:

  • Support for multiple 32Gb Fibre Channel interfaces and multiple 40Gb Ethernet interfaces within a single appliance. For those of you who don’t want to do that math, that’s more than double the load generating capability over our prior generation.


  • Advance functionality additions for NAS and Object protocols; including NLMv4 client emulation support for NFSv3, branch control support for NFS, automated SMB credit settings, and HTTP Retry and Pipelining enhancements.


  • A wide range of usability improvements for the Load DynamiX Test Development Environment including User Settings Profiles, Custom CDB Builder templates, and better integration with third party centralized repositories.


  • Enhancements to improve collaboration in a source-controlled environment, and support for a new RESTful API that makes it easier to deploy Load DynamiX as an extension to your automated test harnesses.

“Now vendors will know behavior before deploying systems into production environments.” – Storage Review

Why did we do it?

The leading storage and network vendors look to us to help them accelerate their time-to-market. The new Load DynamiX platform enhancements are a direct result of our customers’ input on their storage development and QA needs. With this release, we’re bolstering our commitment to providing the highest performance, most scalable and most comprehensive set of storage workload modeling, load generation and performance validation solutions to our customers.

“There’s nothing I’ve seen thus far that does what these guys do. I’m always looking for something that is similar.” –  Storage Switzerland

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