Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.4: The Best Gets Better

By Scott Cleland, Director, Product Marketing 

In April, we announced Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.3, the latest version of our storage performance validation solution, and in an accompanying blog post we took an in-depth look at what was new in the release – as well as how the new features help our customers. We have now released Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.4 (LDX-E 5.4), and we’re so excited that we wanted to provide insights into what has been added in this latest release.

In order to put the new version’s features in proper context, it’s best to provide a brief overview of the main benefits the Load DynamiX Enterprise solution provides to our customers. Comprised of a software application and appliances for workload analysis, modeling and load generation, Load DynamiX Enterprise is used to test and validate storage infrastructure performance and understand how changes in application workload behavior affect storage performance. It’s an integrated solution for workload acquisition, workload analysis, workload modeling and workload performance analytics. The product suite helps storage professionals achieve the following key goals:

  1. Analyze production storage workload I/O profiles by measuring dozens of key performance metrics;
  2. Determine optimal storage systems and configurations for each application workload; and
  3. Identify performance limits under a variety of workload scenarios and scaling factors.

LDX-E 5.4 expands on the recently introduced “Production to Lab” Workload Modeling capability for NAS (NFSv3) by adding support for VirtualWisdom NFSv3 workload data. With this expansion, customers who own both the VirtualWisdom products and the Load DynamiX products will be able to maximize the value of the combined solution by harnessing the unique scalability and data fidelity advantages from both product lines – which results in the optimization of storage deployments and performance.

LDX-E 5.4 also introduces a Data Compression algorithm for both NAS and Object Workloads, and will be able to improve MPIO performance by up to 4x. On top of this, LDX-E 5.4 supports Virtual Instruments’ new line of Higher Speed Fabrics Load Generation Appliances in both 32GFC Series and 40GbE Series models – which you can read more about here and here.

If you want to hear more about how Load DynamiX Enterprise can help you maximize your organization’s storage investments, drop us a line or let’s connect on Twitter – we’re @Virtual_Inst.