School’s Out for Summer: An Analogy for Performance Monitoring

By Len Rosenthal, CMO

Summer’s here, so it’s time to grab some refreshments, hit the beach and work on our tans. It also means that schools are shutting down for summer vacation, causing parents across the land to secretly shudder at the thought of their homes being overrun by kids with too much energy and ever-dwindling attention spans – for upwards of 12 long weeks…


You might be asking, why exactly is a company known for app-centric infrastructure performance management talking about schoolkids’ summer vacations? Well, strange as it may sound, those soon-to-be-bored kids’ parents are now being thrust into a very similar role to IT operations managers in today’s enterprises.


Think about it: since the start of the school year last August/September, parents have had the luxury of being able to know that, from roughly 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each weekday, their child monitoring responsibilities were nonexistent, or minimal at the most. As a result, these parents could know – almost to the minute – how much of their time and resources they would need to commit to overseeing their kids (the short answer: not much). For IT operations managers, this was the manageable world they were living in before the era of the highly complex, virtualized hybrid data center, back when most applications had their own dedicated IT infrastructure.


Fast forward to present day, and IT operations managers are likely feeling like the Octomom on the first day of summer – just absolutely overwhelmed by the uptick in requests for their attention flying in from all angles, and unable to handle it by themselves. Unfortunately, unlike parents who can call in reinforcements by plunking their kids in front of the TV or sending them off to summer camp, IT operations managers’ jobs are at stake if they’re unable to monitor the performance of their organizations’ constantly changing apps and underlying infrastructure.


But IT operations managers do have their own version of summer camp, and it comes in the form of app-centric infrastructure performance monitoring solutions. And just as planting your child in front of a TV for hours on end is a stopgap solution at best, an IT operations manager trying to keep everything running in their hybrid data centers without real-time performance monitoring is inviting disaster. So, if you’re interested in hearing more about how your organization can make managing your hybrid data center like a day at the beach, drop us a line or let’s connect on Twitter.