Tim Van Ash welcomes Xangati and its customers to Virtual Instruments

I’m excited to welcome Xangati and its customers into the Virtual Instruments family!   The combination of Xangati and Virtual Instruments creates a powerhouse in infrastructure performance management (IPM).

For too long there has been a gap between applications and traditional siloed approaches to Infrastructure performance monitoring.  These inadequate solutions just provide more data, not the answers that were needed to optimize performance and quickly resolve problems.
Our mission at Virtual Instruments is to create a world where applications and infrastructure perform better together.

With the addition of Xangati we have the expertise, technology and momentum to deliver the industry’s first truly application-centric infrastructure performance management and analytics platform, and that is truly exciting.   Our customers gain the intelligence to enable the self-healing, self-optimizing hybrid data center, that complements Virtual Instruments’ deep expertise and experience in IT infrastructure monitoring and storage performance analytics.

Both Xangati and Virtual Instruments customers have an exciting roadmap in front of them as we bring these teams and technologies together.  The Virtual Instruments team looks forward to sharing our vision and engaging with you as we finalize the 2017 product roadmap.

For more information on the acquisition please see:

• Press Release: Virtual Instruments Acquires Xangati

FAQ about the acquisition of Xangati by Virtual Instruments

Kind Regards,
Tim Van Ash
SVP of Products