VirtualWisdom 6.1: AIOps for Mission-Critical Environments

By Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer

Last month we announced the latest version of our flagship AIOps and hybrid IT infrastructure management platform, VirtualWisdom. We detailed the specific features of the new VirtualWisdom in this blog post, so we’re zooming out in this post to discuss the significant work we’ve put into developing the solution’s AIOps capabilities.

Put simply, VirtualWisdom is designed to help enterprises execute AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) for mission-critical environments and workloads. Today’s applications are complex and deployed across hybrid IT infrastructure, and can span multiple clouds at hyperscale – making it impossible for humans to contextualize and correlate all the potential causes of application slowdowns. Infrastructure issues must be resolved in near real-time to prevent any impact on the business and its customers – a scenario to avoid at all costs – and AIOps helps IT and operations managers deal with the exponentially increasing scale of hybrid infrastructure-related big data.

That’s the grand vision of AIOps, but in order for enterprises to truly benefit from it, a new, real-time, cross-silo and application-centric approach is needed. Rather than looking at the user, application and infrastructure independently, a true AIOps platform should follow the journey of the application from the end user into the increasingly hybrid IT infrastructure and back out again. This way, the AIOps platform is able to provide an end-to-end, app-centric, and context-aware view.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done with VirtualWisdom.

Of course, a key element of any AIOps platform is AI, and this is where Virtual Instruments has been extremely hard at work behind the scenes for many years now. Smart and impactful AI depends on its sister technology, machine learning (ML), but in order for ML to provide any meaningful value to the AI it’s supporting, the machines must be given time to actually learn. Here at Virtual Instruments, we have been feeding our AIOps engine with valuable, real-world data for more than half a decade, enabling VirtualWisdom to deliver AI-based analytics featuring ML, statistical analysis, heuristics and expert systems across the entire hybrid IT infrastructure. We are not new to advanced analytics based on AI – our capabilties in anomaly detection and root cause analysis have been honed over many years in many of the world’s largest and most complex data centers.

WisdomAI is the intelligence that underpins the VirtualWisdom AIOps engine, empowering enterprises to take a proactive approach to analyzing health, performance and capacity data within the context of the applications it serves. Through the proactive approach WisdomAI enables, IT and operations managers can avert infrastructure issues by acting upon recommendations that assure SLAs and optimize capacity utilization. Perhaps most importantly, these recommendations enable the optimal balancing of infrastructure workloads before they impact business-critical and customer-facing applications.

All told, these capabilities add up to VirtualWisdom being the platform of choice for AIOps for mission-critical environments and workloads. To learn more about AIOps for hybrid IT infrastructure management, click here, and to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in all things Virtual Instruments, be sure to follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.