Go Daddy uses Load DynamiX to determine an optimal balance of faster and cheaper software defined storage technologies.


Go Daddy is taking full advantage of the latest storage technologies that promise faster, cheaper, and better offerings. With Load DynamiX, they now have the means and the confidence to validate their storage infrastructure to save costs and optimize operations.

“Load DynamiX is like my cell phone. I can’t imagine my life without it.”

— Julia Palmer,
Performance Engineering,
Go Daddy

Storage at Go Daddy

As the world’s largest hosting service provider operates at massive scale:

  • 11M customers worldwide
  • 5M hosting accounts
  • 54M domain names under management

Go Daddy’s storage teams manage a 27PB, fast growing (30% annual growth) infrastructure:

  • Storage-as-a-Service delivery model
  • 99.999% uptime SLA
  • 95% unstructured data (NAS), 5% SAN
  • High I/O and low latency workloads

Go Daddy engineers are pressured to constantly innovate, evaluate the latest technologies, and bring ideas to fruition rapidly. Faster, better, and cheaper storage solutions are the goal.

Validation: Key to Innovation

To support its innovation, Go Daddy team implemented a pre-production validation process that showed—rapidly and with confidence—how new solutions based on Nexenta enabled storage would behave in production. Emulating actual production workload in a lab environment was the key. Initial attempts with freeware tools (e.g., IOMeter) failed: the tools could not emulate the full scale nor the meta-data content of Go Daddy’s production workload. Go Daddy then adopted Load DynamiX Enterprise for its unmatched performance and realism.  Go Daddy validates every new storage solution with a Load DynamiX Enterprise 10 GB Series appliance with a typical validation process lasting one to two weeks.  The Go Daddy storage team validates new solutions (SSDs, caching and tiering, software defined storage), new features (dedup, compression), as well as OS and firmware upgrades.

Load DynamiX Enterprise Solution

The Load DynamiX Enterprise 10G Series product appliance in Go Daddy’s lab features two 10GE ports capable of supporting 34Gbps of full-duplex traffic. Along with an intuitive interface and sets of pre-built editable tests, the breadth of protocol support sets Load DynamiX apart.  Of particular interest was the ability to precisely emulate meta-data calls.

Go Daddy Cost Reduction

Armed with new insights, the Go Daddy team has laid out a technology road map that will reduce unit storage costs by 65% over the next two years. This results in massive overall savings. Along the way, every technology transition will be validated with the Load DynamiX process, giving the team full confidence that each change will work in production.

Benefits to Go Daddy

  • Price/performance:  Selection of the most cost effective solutions for their environment
  • Performance in production:  Confidence in a positive user experience
  • Availability:  Confidence in five 9s under load
  • Freedom to innovate:  Insights that power a robust engineering process
  • Time to validate:  Weeks to validate in the lab instead of 12 months in production