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Infrastructure Insights for Demanding Critical Applications

Reduce risk for energy delivery and management systems with real-time infrastructure performance insights

Virtual Instruments App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management parallels energy management systems (EMS) as each delivers scalable insights into critical information systems that serve an increasingly more challenging delivery landscape.

The similarities in the evolution and criticality of managing IT infrastructure and managing power distribution and delivery not only includes reliability and stability, which are the cornerstones to the functioning of today’s business landscape, but also includes the need to do so in the most efficient manner possible to get the most out of every kilowatt, or every CPU cycle and storage resource.

Energy Management

Both have been going through decades of evolution – whether regulatory in nature: the legal push for regional governance and cooperation in the power management sector, or the requirement for sufficient disaster recovery and business continuance in IT… or the more organic evolution of increasingly distributed control centers, ever increasing complexity, and an exponential growth in monitoring data… both have become an exercise in ‘big data analytics’ in the critical need for ‘answers, not just data’.

Modern ‘energy management systems’ (EMS) and the associated ‘market management systems’ (MMS) have become central to the delivery of consistent and reliable power resources at the best possible economics. Modern IT infrastructure performance management systems are central to the delivery of consistent and highly performant compute, network and storage resources at the optimal economic investment for the resources required.

This is likely why leading edge power management organizations are using Virtual Instruments industry leading App-centric IPM solutions to guarantee the performance and availability of the IT infrastructure that underpins their ability to deliver optimal EMS and MMS capabilities to the market.

Big Data? Bigger Workloads.

Data-intensive energy management systems (EMS) and market management systems are driving up storage requirements for energy delivery operations. With limited visibility into storage I/O performance, energy IT managers face a significant challenge maintaining the performance and availability of EMS systems and applications from providers such as Hitachi, Siemens, Schneider Electric and many others.

Virtual Instruments is helping top energy delivery companies address these issues with VirtualWisdom and WorkloadWisdom. These award-winning App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management solutions monitor, measure, test, and analyze physical and virtual data center environments (servers, networks, NAS, SANs and storage).

Knowing is good, knowing everything is better

Every day, energy delivery organizations use VirtualWisdom to guarantee performance and availability of their critical infrastructure and applications and align performance requirements to deployment decisions. Here are some of the benefits they realize:

Energy model

Figure 1: Energy IT manageability is eased with VirtualWisdom across complex data information models

  • Proactively identify and address infrastructure problems before they affect critical information workflows
  • Eliminate the risk of unplanned outages and performance slow-downs
  • Improve application performance to ensure fast, reliable access to energy supply and demand
  • Maintain and prove SLA compliance for audits and state or federal regulations
  • Optimize NAS, SAN, server and storage port utilization to avoid unnecessary purchases; divert 50% cost savings to fund strategic energy/GRID initiatives
  • Reduce trouble tickets by up to 80%; direct cost savings to strategic, competitive initiatives

VirtualWisdom’s ability to monitor, report, trend and diagnose performance and availability issues from the application level to the storage arrays in a reliable and scalable way is essential for energy IT managers responsible for the infrastructure that maintains workflow, access to energy data and the overall delivery of power sources to customers.

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