Electronic health records (EHR) and healthcare information systems must be up and running problem-free 24x7x365. Doctors, nurses, patients and administrators can’t tolerate slow applications that affect patient care. Unfortunately, all too often, the inevitable problems arise.
But, with the right application and infrastructure visibility, 98% of the problems can be identified and proactively resolved before users are impacted!
The key to success? It’s called VirtualWisdom, the industry’s premier IT infrastructure monitoring and analytics platform.

  • Proactively identify and address infrastructure problems before they affect clinical workflow
  • Improve application performance to ensure fast, reliable access to medical records
  • Maintain and prove SLA Compliance for Joint Commission audits and HIPPA regulations
  • Optimize server, network and storage utilization to reduce infrastructure costs by up to 50%
Virtual Wisdom

VirtualWisdom is the gold standard for application service assurance

VirtualWisdom is used by over 50 leading healthcare providers including the largest EHR estates in the world. It’s the gold standard for application assurance. High quality patient care that leads to better outcomes is now possible.