The Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) Protocol testing solution from WorkloadWisdom allow test engineers to validate complex protocol and application behaviors in a repeatable fashion.

Freeware solutions used in the industry lack the ability to verify the protocol idiosyncrasies and fail to emulate realistic block access patterns or workloads of real life iSCSI initiators.



Full-featured testing of the iSCSI protocol

Figure: An example of an iSCSI Client (Initiator) Scenario that will write then read LUNs in a loop.

Figure: An example of an iSCSI Client (Initiator) Scenario that will write then read LUNs in a loop.

  •  Configurable parameters and commands required to reconnect after an iSCSI TCP failure to restart multiple iSCSI TCP connections and ensure that the sequence specified in the scenario continues successfully.
  • iSCSI TCP redirect support allowing emulated initiators to gracefully follow target redirections

SCSI Commands
  • Fine grain control over data traffic at the SCSI level
  • No OS or other optimizations ensures that exact SCSI workloads can be replicated
  • Comprehensive command set for SCSI Primary Commands (SPC), SCSI Block Commands (SBC) and SCSI Streaming Commands (SSC)
  • Direct transmission from SCSI layer (no OS interference)
  • Detailed SCSI graphs and statistics
  • Discovery capability within the iSCSI protocol can be used to detect all of the logical units (LUNs) supported by a given iSCSI target device.

SCSI Workloads
  • Specify iSCSI level actions as well as SCSI level actions in the same test scenario
  • Mix and match actions and scenarios and vary load profiles to create different traffic and load patterns
  • Detailed statistics that and graphs that report SCSI actions, errors, data sent/received, etc.
  • Workload support for emulating standard test tools like IOmeter, via the automation API
  • The automation API allows for complex scripting to achieve virtually any task needed with the protocol commands supported

Data Integrity
  • Data verification support that validates the integrity of data written to LUNs
  • Per initiator, target LUN, offset and byte level error reporting

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iSCSI Protocol Testing

“Virtual Instruments’ WorkloadWisdom improved our test coverage and eliminated the need to buy additional servers.  We saved significant dollars using your product.”

– Terry Swartz, QA Manager, F5 Networks