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Government and agency IT teams are under more pressure than a typical enterprise IT team. In addition to monitoring and ensuring IT systems and infrastructure performance, they’re tasked with a higher level of accountability, transparency, and security due to the nature of the systems they maintain.

On top of increased demands, most agencies are under directives and mandates to decrease their operational costs and capital expenditures. This is leading more agencies to evaluate new market solutions to solve their traditional IT problems. Solutions like converged infrastructure, hybrid cloud, and virtual desktop infrastructure platforms all promise to improve efficiencies, value, and services. However, in order to justify the cost of new technology, IT teams are expected to prove the gains that they will see from the new technology. An App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform will provide these answers.

Proving Value in Federal IT Investments

Virtual Instrument’s WorkloadWisdom is the industry’s only solution on the market today that can help federal agencies and integrators determine which technologies are most cost effective for their application workload performance requirements. It combines deep and accurate workload model simulation software with load generation appliances to empower storage architects to analyze the performance of storage infrastructure in a pre-production environment. This analysis provides the predictive insight needed for agencies to make more cost effective and intelligent purchasing and deployment decisions, and to validate all pending changes to the production storage infrastructure. For agencies that spend millions of dollars on their storage infrastructure, using WorkloadWisdom will not only enable dramatic cost savings, but also ensure the storage infrastructure will meet the necessary performance and availability requirements of today’s most demanding environments.



Deliver World-Class Digital Services

From the virtual machine to the storage layer, Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom helps government IT organizations transform their infrastructure and support their missions. It provides comprehensive instrumentation and real-time measurement of your entire infrastructure. This visibility helps IT organizations reduce application response time, accelerate storage I/O, increase availability, and reduce waste in the IT infrastructure.

VirtualWisdom solutions consist of hardware, software, and services that enable your agency to focus on and deliver on your mission. Real-time analytics, system-wide performance data, and situational awareness all assist agency staff in ensuring the optimal application experience at the most efficient cost to the government.

Flexible Solutions Meet Budgetary Requirements

All of Virtual Instruments products can be delivered as a capital expenditure or operational expenditure as a service from Virtual Instruments or one of our authorized federal partners.

Our team of federal IT experts, sales and services providers, can help guide you as you deliver your IT value and digital services. We provide the answers, insights, and accountability that you need for agency visibility and innovation.

We’re fully committed to enabling your mission-critical applications and have helped many agencies and departments across the federal government achieve tremendous cost savings. Request a demo from our Federal Solutions team and download our federal materials for more information.

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