Performance Engineering


The WorkloadWisdom solution for performance engineering enables technology vendors to develop products to market faster while delivering higher performance and more reliable storage systems for their end users.

Companies such as EMC, IBM, HP, Avere, HDS, NetApp, Pure Storage, and Cleversafe use WorkloadWisdom Workload Generators to generate networked storage traffic to stress their file, block and object-based storage systems at extreme scale. Our ability to comprehensively test at extreme scale technologies like flash storage and its associated deduplication and compression features is unique in the industry.


Performance Engineering Solution

Simplify testing processes and accelerate the release of new products.

Figure: WorkloadWisdom verifies the point at which the number of TCP connections caused a severe increase in port time

Figure: WorkloadWisdom verifies the point at which the number of TCP connections caused a severe increase in port time

Performance engineering and analysis can be a time and resource intensive endeavor. Vendors struggle to fully validate their performance capabilities under various workloads and provide scaling guidance to their end user customers.

Solve these key challenges:

  • Simulating real-world traffic. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and rarely achieves the desired scale.
  • Testing different protocols requires different tools.
  • Bug detection. Failure to find performance bugs before product release results in poor customer satisfaction and impacts engineering resources.
  • Home-grown and freeware tools aren’t enough. They require extensive scripting and are difficult to use and maintain. Repeatability of tests is also a significant challenge

Load DynamiX provides performance and functional testing solutions to the storage system, network and software vendors, and is trusted by all major vendors as well as most storage start-ups. It is the only solution in the market designed to meet the exacting needs of storage equipment vendors. It combines the industry’s deepest and most accurate emulation of networked storage protocols and workloads, with the highest load generating performance available, capable of stressing today’s largest storage infrastructures.

With Load DynamiX, you:

  • Characterize Workloads – Create accurate workload models from statistics collected from the actual production environment.
  • Model Workloads – Build validation models, maintain libraries of repeatable scenarios and results, and analyze the results.
  • Emulate Workloads At Scale – Load DynamiX’s product suite are optimized to generate and drive extreme storage workloads across a wide variety of storage protocols and interfaces

Better testing with realistic traffic

  • Realistic storage traffic, with unmatched storage protocol detail and configurability and extensive support of parameterization
  • Realistic application traffic, with Load DynamiX’s high performance protocol stacks
  • Realistic user authentication, with Load DynamiX’s robust support of multiple authentication protocols to accurately stress user-aware infrastructure, validating access policies anywhere that user-context is critical
  • Realistic content, with our unique content generation and verification capabilities
  • Realistic load, with appliances that generate up to 180 Gbps of traffic, load massive files and emulate millions of realistic clients

Efficient and expedient testing process

  • Consistent, repeatable, testing, with generation of precisely controlled identical traffic patterns every time
  • Accelerated test creation, with pre-built tests and intuitive set-up and use
  • Accelerated test execution, with the ability to load massive files or client loads in a fraction of the time it takes with other tools
  • Unified testing practices, with a single test platform for files, blocks, and the cloud

Reduced test infrastructure spend

  • Reduced footprint by replacing racks of servers with one efficient 2U appliance
  • Reduced spend on home grown tools with a solution that is commercially maintained and continually enhanced to support new protocols and features

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WorkloadWisdom for Tech Vendors Data Sheet
WorkloadWisdom for Tech Vendors Data Sheet


Introduction to WorkloadWisdom
WorkloadWisdom Reporting for Storage Performance Testing: Learn how to create insightful reports from multiple test runs

Case Study


Avere Systems: Avere Systems tests more efficiently and effectively using WorkloadWisdom

“WorkloadWisdom validates the performance of the largest Nimbus Data all-flash storage systems at extreme scale.”

– Thomas Isakovich, CEO and Founder at Nimbus Data Systems