Performance Troubleshooting


The WorkloadWisdom solution for Performance Troubleshooting enables storage engineers to accelerate troubleshooting response times with predictive analytics that provide insight into failure modes, combined with the ability to rapidly re-create trouble causing workloads.

Companies such as NetApp, EMC, and Oracle use WorkloadWisdom to accelerate problem identification and isolate performance bottlenecks by creating a verbatim replay of I/O traffic in order to understand what caused the problem.


Performance Troubleshooting Solution

Identify bottlenecks to improve customer support

Figure: Reviewing the performance impact of load parameters.

Figure: Reviewing the performance impact of load parameters.

Identifying performance bottlenecks (vs. developing the fix) is a key problem for customer support organizations.

  • The most common locations for data storage performance bottlenecks and problems are the front-end ports into a storage array, the controllers and the disk drives. The challenge lies in figuring out which congestion points are causing an application to perform poorly, or if it’s even the storage at all.
  • Many problems are caused by the scale of production systems and without accurately emulating the system load in the dev/test lab, it’s nearly impossible to stress your escalation systems to the point that recreates the customer’s problem.

Load DynamiX is the leading supplier of performance and functional testing solutions to the storage system, network and software vendors, trusted by all major vendors as well as most storage start-ups.

With Load DynamiX, you accelerate troubleshooting response times with predictive analytics that provide insight into failure modes combined with the ability to rapidly re-create trouble causing workloads – you:

  • Create a Workload Model: create workloads in Load DynamiX by gathering infrastructure usage data and applying storage statistics from the production environment experiencing the problem.
  • Run Tests: connect your identically configured storage system to the Load DynamiX appliance and run tests using the workload emulations.
  • Analyze Results: Isolate bottlenecks; find limits

Better troubleshooting with realistic traffic simulation

  • Realistic storage traffic, with unmatched storage protocol detail and configurability and extensive support of parameterization
  • Test in layers for troubleshooting and isolation, from storage to database to caching to web applications to isolate performance bottlenecks
  • Accurate simulation of users. With Load DynamiX’s wide support of authentication protocols to stress user-aware infrastructure, validate enterprise access policies, and exercise role-based cloud and mobile apps, wherever user-context is critical.
  • Realistic user authentication, with Load DynamiX’s robust support of multiple authentication protocols to accurately stress user-aware infrastructure, validating access policies anywhere that user-context is critical

Efficient and expedient troubleshoot / test process

  • Consistent, repeatable, testing, with generation of precisely controlled identical traffic patterns every time
  • Accelerated test creation, with intuitive set-up and use
  • Accelerated test execution, with the ability to load massive files or client loads in a fraction of the time it takes with other tools
  • Unified testing practices, with a single test platform for files, blocks, and the cloud
  • Reduced test infrastructure spend (OPEX and CAPEX)
  • Reduced spend on home grown tools, with a solution that is commercially maintained and continually enhanced to support new protocols and features

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Case Study

Tech Vendors Case Study
Oracle: Oracle validates their application-aware storage products using WorkloadWisdom

“To truly understand Axiom’s performance, we have to simulate customer client machines that are always getting faster and more aggressive. WorkloadWisdom can simulate the faster and badder client — it’s great, like turning on a fire hose.””

– Colin Hutcheson, Architect at Oracle