Dell EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS Integration

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring of Isilon Scale-out NAS

Scale-out NAS deployments tend to continuously, and even exponentially, grow, becoming critical data repositories that simply can’t go down or even slowdown.  The impact of mission-critical NAS deployments experiencing performance problems can mean both lost revenues, delayed projects, and unproductive, idle employees.  Teams in the oil & gas, media, healthcare, EDA, finance and manufacturing sectors heavily rely on large-scale NAS deployments for their success.

Inefficient, legacy management and monitoring tools that lack a real-time capability, application awareness, and correlation with problems across the infrastructure simply can not be used to assure scale-out NAS performance.  A better approach is needed.

Organizations need to implement end-to-end strategies that provide real-time visibility into the applications that live on their storage systems. Having application workloads at the center of these IT strategies, businesses can anticipate the storage needs required to adapt and remedy unplanned outages and slowdowns to unstructured data streams.

Virtual Instruments delivers unprecedented visibility into Dell EMC Isilon scale-out network attached storage with an application centric monitoring approach that spans from cluster to disk. The software integration for Isilon storage when coupled with wire-data monitoring enabled by the Virtual Instruments Performance Probes provides visibility into application conversations at the highest possible granularity in the industry.


Application Service Assurance

  • Identify noisy neighbors impacting the service level of business-critical applications instrumented with APM tools that have no
    visibility into Isilon storage infrastructure.
  • Full stack views from compute, hypervisor, and network to storage (Dell EMC VMAX AF, PowerMax, Isilon, IBM SVC, NetApp).
  • Proactive dashboards provide views across all IT assets including compute (on-premise and cloud), hypervisor, network, block
    storage, file storage, software defined storage, and hyper converged infrastructure.
  • Optimization recommendations based on AIOps-driven analytics via dashboards reduce the number of steps required
    to get to root-cause of slowdowns.

Predictive Capacity Management

  • Analyze capacity trends across IT infrastructure forecasting capacity for compute, network, and storage to proactively avoid exhaustion.

Infrastructure Workload Balancing

  • Analyze end-to-end workload behaviors and rebalance shared infrastructure to ensure optimal application performance.


Isilon Scale-out NAS Integration

  • Agentless monitoring of Isilon Scale-out NAS including support for the world’s largest clusters
  • Application discovery and mapping to Isilon-specific objects: cluster, node, storage port, and power supply
  • Protocol level statistics at the cluster and node level
  • Monitoring of HDFS, NFSv4, HTTP/FTP, CIFS, SMB2, iSCSI
  • High fidelity monitoring of data at 10 second intervals with long term data retention to identify trends
  • Integration uses Isilon OneFS REST API to collect health, capacity, and performance metrics