White Paper: Flash Storage Testing Methodology

Determine your return on investment

New methodologies provide the most accurate way to validate flash storage performance Flash Testing Methodology WP April 2015 Flash is the hottest technology in the storage industry today. But with all its touted advantages, there are some challenges – including how to effectively measure the performance benefits for your own environment.

Effectively measuring the performance of flash arrays requires more than the basic freeware benchmarking tools. It requires the ability to assess advanced functions such compression, deduplication and pattern reduction processing, which minimize the amount of data written to flash memory in order to lower the cost per GB and extend flash longevity. Measuring performance without taking these features into account could falsely overstate the performance of a flash array by a factor of 2 or more.

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  • Why All Flash Arrays (AFAs) are different from spinning disks and  how to tell if the cost of flash is worth your investment,
  • Why your existing techniques used to test the performance of  spinning media no longer work in an all flash world
  • Two new methodologies for measuring AFA performance using Load DynamiX, including a step by step “how to” approach
  • Why old approaches don’t work as described in a real world case  study on AFA performance testing.

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